Mexican Law System

In countries with a civil law system legislation is usually really extensive.   Mexico is not the exception.  There are hundreds if not thousands of different bodies of laws starting from mere municipal ordinances, to codes, state laws, federal laws, reglamentary rules for application  of the federal laws, treaties, Conventions, and of course the supreme law of land, the Mexican Constitution.


Under Mexican law, in order to analyze a legal problem, and find the best course of legal action, it is strongly recommended to be specifically focused in the finding of a precise rule of law for almost every single issue. The existence of a vast legislation causes some times confusion, and sometimes even conflicts of laws with respect to an issue in controversy.


The main source of law is statutory and not judicial precedents.  Although the Supreme Court of The United Mexican States maintains a system of searching of judicial precedents, “Jurisprudence”, it is the actual code’s provisions that will finally provide a Judge with the basis for a legal decision.


Therefore, if you have a legal case in Mexico you must a hire a lawyer who really knows the law.  Furthermore, you need someone trustworthy, and reliable.


Jesus Eduardo Arias LL.M. , is a lawyer certified by the State Bar of California to provide you with the most competent advise and legal representation in issues regarding Mexican Law. He is also duly certified to practice law in all states of Mexico, and he is committed to provide you with the best professional service in the American lawyering style, even when your case might be in a “Juzgado Mexicano”.


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