The Law Offices of Jesus Eduardo Arias is an International Law Firm that serves individual clients, companies, governments and communities across The United States – Mexico borders. Athough we’re a new firm that just opened its doors on January of 2015, Attorney Jesus Eduardo Arias Esq. LL.M. has an outstanding record as an international litigation attorney. Licensed as an Attorney in the United States & Mexico, with a post graduate Law Degree in Private International Law from USD School of Law, and 13 years of lawyering experience, Attorney Arias has a very unique position to help clients resolve their most complex legal challenges wherever they are in the USA or Mexico.


We envision a world in which individuals, families as well as companies or governments; whose lives and activities transcend the boundaries between different legal systems, can be certain that the rule of law and the principle of Justice is accesible to everyone and everywhere despite existence of borders as well as cultural or social differences.


Our mission is to provide unique quality legal services to those clients that need a new in kind type of lawyer, who will work in your case with a specific and individual approach. If your legal matter involves laws of different countries, and particularly from USA & MEXICO, our firm is the best suited counsel for your case and we will be honored to serve you.


Honesty. –   It’s our most fundamental value – Honesty to clients, to justice system, to colleagues, to all.

Streght. –  We’re proud to have the streght required to endure any legal challenges presented by our client’s case.  When appropiate, our firm does not hesitate to agressively litigate any matter against anyone. We believe in knowledge and preparation for sucess.  We’ll relentlessly work on your case until justice is done.

Innovation.- It is our commitment to open the path for a new generation of lawyers. Our firm was made to be the pionners of a new type of international law practice. With a constant search for creative methods of providing efficient services to our clients. This always, indepedently from our client’s personal background, immigration status, social profile or geographical location.


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