International Commercial Transactions

Think about any giant business’ company for a second… Well they started locally first, and then grew up to international traders based on solid commercial transactions with foreign clients or partners.  Business relationships however are always subject to change, and most likely the change will come without notice.


Thus, before, during, and after any important business decision, a good legal adviser is always necessary. Further, if your business is making international transactions, you should have an international legal adviser. Think about It, if you sign a contract and such contract provides for arbitration process overseas, your local counsel’s advice as to California Law will not be of much help. And his not his fault, it is your responsibility to make sure you hire the right lawyer for your type of business.


Therefore, no matter how big is your company, no matter what type of business you are doing abroad, if you need an international law adviser, we are here to help you.


Please call us now, and talk to us about your needs. We will listen and more importantly we will give you options to help you take the right decision.

Doing Business in/with Mexico

Mexico is not only a neighbor by location.  It is one of the United States biggest commercial traders. In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, the Exports from United States to Mexico, for the last year of 2011, was for more than 160 million dollars.


Thus, many US companies are doing business with Mexican fellow traders in Mexico, and such transactions reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.  However, there is no accountability for how much money do American companies lose due failed commercial transactions.  Moreover, on many occasions, US companies prefer to take loses instead of seeking independent legal advice, in order to explore any remedies to contractual breaches, or wrongful commercial conduct by Mexican Companies or individuals.


Further, in the event that they decide to retain foreign legal counsel to pursue a cause of action based on Mexican law, then they take the risk of improper legal conduct if the chosen legal representative is the wrong one.  Under Mexican law, there are no Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The ABA rules as known in the United States Legal System, do not apply to Mexican Attorneys. Although there is an administrative office in charge of licensing attorneys and keeping records of disciplinary actions, there are no specific disciplinary proceedings, or set standard rules of the legal profession. As result, if a lawyer breaches his duties to his client, client has to file a civil or criminal complaint against his lawyer. Because criminal conduct is hard to establish in such cases, a few cases end in convictions.


Based on the above, wouldn’t be good to have your fellow American lawyer representing you in Mexico for your business sake?  Jesus Eduardo Arias LL.M., is a US born lawyer, subject to US Ethical rules and laws, educated by US law school, and more importantly is a fellow American doing business in US and Mexico, just like you are! Call him now and discuss your business with the right counsel.

Doing Business in United States

Perhaps you are a company, or an individual who does not live or work in the United States, but you would like to do business in the United States.  Or, you may want to enter into the biggest market in the world.


Well, for purposes of seeking international commercial legal advice, you are in the right place. Not only because you would receive our advise for your business transactions or your legal needs. But more importantly because we understand how difficult is to come from a different country, a different culture, and a different way of doing business.  Here, you can talk and do not need to explain. We know what you mean!


As an individual with dual citizenship, dual cultural background, and dual legal education, Jesus Eduardo Arias LL.M., has learned the fundamental differences and coincidences of two & more different countries and their people.  Therefore, here your lawyer will understand you and your clients, and will provide you just what you need, International Commercial Transaction advise, at the very top of standard of care.


Give us a call and discover a new approach of legal profession, called “International law commercial advisor”.

Doing Business in United States

At this point, Jesus Eduardo Arias LL.M., is in the process of acquiring the proper certifications to provide services as an Independent International Arbitrator, & Mediator.


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